63, Hooks
63, Hooks
63, Hooks
63, Hooks
63, Hooks

63, Hooks

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SCULPTURE by Victor Boullet 2010 - 2021

I've been intrigued by the artist Victor Boullet's sculptures for a long time. As I’m publishing his next book on Philip Glass, I approached him with an idea of making a sculpture fanzine.

He was reluctant at first, because he never lets anyone into his studio. He finally relented, but told me that I’d need to find a hotel to stay in and use Golden Wonder crisp packets as the background for the sculptures; I agreed. 

I arrived in Liverpool as he was packing up his studio in order to move city. His archive and collection of various objects were on view in their entirety, which really piqued my interest. I thought that because of his move, he might be willing to let me photograph his archive and collection while I was there, but he refused. By the next day he had changed his mind out self interest, so I prolonged my stay in Liverpool by three days and worked until I got what I needed for my fanzine project.

Design @texasknuller

Stapled Softcover
21 x 29.7 cm
20 Printed Pages
Limited Edition of 15
A2 Poster included